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Mobile silo vibration sieve

  • Category:Vibrating sieve
  • Description:Mobile vibration sieve and bin whole machine is equipped with portable in caster,then brought materials into the bin, the material can be one-time fill bin. It can meet meet differentsite need.
  • Features
Mobile silo vibration sieve
Mobile vibration sieve is known as vibration sieve silo machine, mounted at the bottom of the universal wheel, it can rotate 360 degrees to move, Mainly used in screening venues environment are not fixed , making it easy for users to move and meet different sites work needs. By adjusting the bunker in the butterfly valve to control the flow of the material into the vibrating screen, then come into screening operations. Features of this product is intermittent feeding. Workers do not have continuous feed, save labor, size of the flow control valve can improve screening accuracy.
Mechanical installation and adjustment
1. There should be a stabilized base for equipment. When the equipment is installed on the ground or cement, it need not install bottom screw. When the equipment install on steel structure frame, screws should be fixed on the steel structure frame, and the steel structure should have a certain thickness.
2.Before the equipment is shipped from factory, it has installed screen,customers can change screen by yourselives during the using.
3. Before starting, customers should first check degree of fastening bolt and whether mouth position connect with stock receiver. Observe whether vibration motor can move and check whether each layer sieve  is fastened.
4. Before the vibration sieve  access electrical control panel, firstly, check the electrical control panel. After line connected, observe whether vibration motor rotation direction is clockwise. Wether pperation is normal and there is no noise.
5. Adjusting vibrating motor  phase angle to fit all kinds of material screening.

Selection and parameters:
   DH-400      1S         0.18         350          <10      380     1440        100
   DH-600      1S       0.25         550          <10     1440        500
   DH-800      1S      0.55        750          <10     1440        800
  DH-1000      1S      0.75        920          <10     1440       1400
  DH-1200      1S       1.1       1120          <10     1440        2100
  DH-1500      1S      1.5      1420         <10     1440        2600
  DH-1800      1S       2.2      1720          <10     1440        3300
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