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Plastic vibrating sieve

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  • Description:Plastic vibration sieve use polypropylene material,it is also called corrosion resistant plastic vibration sieve.It is currently the most effective solution to the screening problem.
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Plastic vibrating sieve
Plastic vibrating sieve is mainly used to
chemical industry,In general ,Its basement is carbon steel material,and the contact part with material is PP plastic. It is used to meet the production PH and corrosive materials screening operations.And we can customize the machine according to your request.such as the layers basement,inlet port and any other your request.
 Monolayer plastic vibrating sieve Two layers plastic vibrating sieve Three layers plastic vibrating sieve
  • Customized basement plastic vibrating sieve            Customized inlet port plastic vibrating sieve
Plastic vibration sieve introduction
PP material use a special production process,. Many customers also call polypropylene vibratio sieve, PP plastic vibration sieve, acid plastic vibration sieve, chemical vibration sieve etc.The main purpose is screening and filter corrosive powder or slurry.
PP Plastic material vibration sieve machine contact with PP material,basement with electorstatic powder spraying.It is currently the most effective solution to the problem to solve screened material with oxidation and corrosion of steel, and ensure that the material will not deteriorate in the screening process.

Corrosion shaker advantage:
1. A higher corrosion resistance, and screen machines life is longer.
2. Screen is nylon material, corrosion is better.
3. Equipment is simple, easier to use.
4. Continuous production, automatic classification screening.
Xinxiang Dahan vibrating machinery is a professional manufacturer of corrosion resistant plastic viration sieve. Corrosion resistance is good, quality is granteed and reliable.It was recognized and loved by many users.

Selection and parameters:


The voltage and power in the table can be customized according to your request to adapt your machine working environment.
The capacity in the table is tested in the following cases:the name of raw material is sand with 4 mesh screen.If you want to know specific capacity,please tell us your material and its property.

Dimension of machine parts:
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