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Why is the vibrating screen uniform when feeding?


Everyone knows that the first step after starting the use of the vibrating screen is feeding, and there is a requirement in the feeding, that is, uniform feeding.
1. Why uniform feeding?
More than one-time feeding, the material will accumulate in one place in a short time, so that it can not move normally. If the screen is slack for a long time, the output of the vibrating screen will be greatly reduced.
2. What are the consequences if uneven feeding is done?
If a large amount of material is fed in one time, the load of the motor will suddenly increase, and the vibration motor itself is always in an unbalanced motion state, which is easy to cause motor damage and greatly reduce the service life of the motor.
3. What should I do if the working conditions do not allow for uniform dosing?
If it is impossible to do a uniform feeding or the material itself has a great impact, a buffer hopper must be added.

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