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Customized hopper vibrating sieve

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  • Description:This product is a customized machine which customer need to add a inlet mounted hopper,According to customer request, , its conveniently for customer releasing.
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Customized hopper vibrating sieve:
We are manufacturer of the vibrating sieve,we can be customized  by the customer request.included the inlet hopper,valve on the output,the height of the base ,the height of frame and so on.As long as you have the request,we can  meet you. 

The detailed information of the vibrating sieve is as follows:                                           layers of vibrating sieve
Working principle:
For vibrating sieve Its vertical motor, which is installed eccentric hammers on the top and bottom, is regarded as a vibratory source. The eccentric hammers change rotation into horizontal, vertical and inclined movement, and then pass the movement to the sieving surface. Adjusting the phase angle on the top and bottom can change trajectories of the materials on the sieve.

Selection and parameters:
   DH-400      1P          0.18         350          <10      380     1440        100
   DH-600      1P       0.25         550          <10     1440        500
   DH-800      1P      0.55        750          <10     1440        800
  DH-1000      1P      0.75        920          <10     1440       1400
  DH-1200      1P       1.1       1120          <10     1440        2100
  DH-1500     1P      1.5      1420         <10     1440        2600
  DH-1800     1P       2.2      1720          <10     1440        3300
The voltage and power in the table can be customized according to your request to adapt your machine working environment.
The capacity in the table is tested in the following cases:the name of raw material is sand with 4 mesh screen.If you want to know specific capacity,please tell us your material and its property.

You can contact me through these ways to get all information of the machine.
Becky Yang【Sales Manager】
Xinxiang Dahan vibrating machinery Co.,Ltd
Address:1000 West of Forest Park,Yanjin County,Xinxiang City,Henan Province,China.
If you place a order,we will arrange the delivery in 3 workingdays after receiving your payment!

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