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Vibration motor maintenance


Vibration motors are now widely used in vibration machinery. They are widely used in mining, chemical, pharmaceutical and other hundreds of industries. The vibration motor work environment is different in various industries, so the daily maintenance of vibration motors will be different.
Always observe the vibration motor under static and dynamic conditions, find problems in time to avoid unnecessary damage, so as not to affect the work and unnecessary waste.
1.Before each operation of the equipment, use a small hammer to strike the vibration motor. The grounding screw is loose. It can be judged by visual inspection and listening to the knocking sound. If it is loose, the vibration motor will be unevenly reacted during operation. It is easy to cause the motor to tear and burn.
2.It is the sound that listens to the vibration motor during its operation. If the sound is abnormal, you need to stop the inspection in time.
It is necessary to refuel according to the requirements of the manual. The bearing oil of the vibration motor is too much and too little, which is not conducive to the normal operation of the vibration motor. In addition, the temperature rise of the vibration motor in different environments is often observed. The temperature rise is too high. If the vibration motor is not normal, it will cause excessive damage to the motor if it is not repaired in time.
From two aspects analyzed how to maintain the vibration motor, but also understand the importance of vibration motor maintenance, then in the future work will pay more attention to the maintenance of the vibration motor, increase its service life, give full play to the function of the vibration motor.

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