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Vibrating screen rubber spring

  • Category:Vibrating sieve accessories
  • Description:Vibrating screen rubber spring is a kind of high elastomer, production material is ordinary has a long service life, low cost characteristics.
  • Features
Vibrating screen rubber spring is a kind of high elastomer, production material is ordinary rubber. After loading,it has a large elastic deformation so as to absorb shock and vibration. It can besr multidirectional load  at the same time, but the high temperature resistance and oil resistance are not better than steel spring. This product has good vibration reduction effect, resonance field is small. And there are a long service life, low cost, and good cold resistance, excellent air tightness, water proofing property, electrical insulation  characteristics, it is the best choice for vibration reduction.
Vibrating screen rubber spring features:
There is no limit of vibrating screen shape, but there is a large elastic deformation, it is easy to implement nonlinear requirements. Vibration and sound insulation effect are good. Compound rubber spring compared to the rubber spring, the former shape restricted by metal helical spring, its linear demand is high, the weight is heavy. But the advantages of large amount is better than pure rubber spring.
Vibrating screen rubber spring application:
Vibrating screen equipment, double-decker buses, trucks and other industrial machinery, rubber spring are commonly used in mechanical equipment, vehicle running gear and suspension, damping and buffering effect.Rubber spring can also be designed according to the needs of work.
Vibrating screen rubber spring main technical parameters:

Specification Outside diameter D(mm) Inside diameter d(mm) Free height H(mm) Deformation work (FV) Stiffness KL(kg/cm) Working load (Pa)
Ф60*Ф60*20 60 20 60 0.8 60 100

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