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Test sieve machine

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  • Description:Test sieve machine is an automatic shutdown machine,it can be timed to ensure test repeatability.Test sieve mavhine is widely used in laboratory.
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Test sieve machine description
DH-300T Test sieve machine developed by Xinxiang Dahan Vibrating Machinery Co., LTD, is a regular automatic shutdown, guarantee the test repeatability and fully functional operation simple mechanical analysis apparatus. Can be a kind of granular material precision at the same time to separate 2~8 period of particles. Can be used for slurry fineness and content of impurities of the analysis,the noise is small,light weight,the platform operation without fixed.Test sieve is a simply  analysis instrument of particle,  it can be used for content powder and slurry material. It has low noise, light weight, widely used in the geological, chemical, cement, pharmaceutical, food, etc. industry research laboratory.

Basic parameters
You can also select the machine according to your  request referancing this parameter:

The voltage and power in the table can be customized according to your request to adapt your machine working environment.
Test sieve and screen machine

DH-300T operating steps


Main Features
1) Auto power -off, simple operation.
2) Light weight, small size, low noise, easy moving.
3) Time setting makes sure the accuracy of testing data.
Method of using.
1, According to need to adjust the time. Time relay for the first two minutes, two seconds. Adjust the time relay readings to take time. 
2, The test screen frame into the device, tighten the nut, you can boot. 
3, If the vibration amplitude adjustment, you can add exciting block M8 bolts on the motor inside the device, adjusting the M8 bolt length, available in different exciting force.
Packing and Delivery:


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